Vulnerabilities in Labour Migration-Challenges & Recommendations.

Vulnerabilities in Labour Migration-Challenges & Recommendations

Consultation on ‘Vulnerabilities in Labour Migration-Challenges and Recommendations for Policy Reforms’: A day long project consultation on “Vulnerabilities in Labour Migration-Challenges and Recommendations for Policy Reforms” was organized by WPC on December 11, 2013 under CARE EMPHASIS project. The full day consultation meeting led to an understanding of the concerns and vulnerabilities faced by migrant workers and existing good practices in the country. Based on discussions, the consultation collated the agenda and strategies for effective advocacy at different levels for the migrant workers in India. The themes for the consultation were: Labour rights, Decent Livelihood and Economic Security of Migrants, Dignity and Security of Migrants and Health Care Access including HIV/STI/TB services. The consultation saw the participants as Members of Parliament, representatives from Government Ministries, academia, trade union representatives, Migrant voices/representatives, Civil Society Organizations, representatives from UN bodies, and other relevant stakeholders. Towards the end of the day there was discussion on the evolved policy recommendations from the panelists and stakeholders around the emerged themes and the good practices on the issue of migration.

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