National Level Felicitation.

National Level Felicitation

To acknowledge the women farmers’ contribution to the food production, Oxfam India, WomenPowerConnect and Landesa (RDI) jointly organized a National Felicitation of women farmers on 26th of February 2013. This event was an attempt to bring women farmers to the forefront.  Around 32 women farmers from Odisha, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have been felicitated for playing an extensive role in agriculture.

The event also saw the release of two documents- Professor Swaminathan released a book titled, “Women, Land and Power in Asia” by Govind Kelkar and Ms. Rashmi Singh released a document “Case Studies of Women Farmers” which is a dossier of lives of 13 women farmers.

There were representatives of various Ministries of Government of India, National Commission for Women, UN organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Activists and Scholars participated in the event.

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