National Consultation on Water, Safety and Freedom from Violence.

National Consultation on Water, Safety and Freedom from Violence

A two day national consultation, “National Consultation on Water, Safety and Freedom from Violence: Dalit Women Speak Out” was organized by Christian Aid, Oxfam India and Water Aid and WPC partnering with DFID on 5th – 6thDecember, 2013. This initiative also partnered with leading Dalit rights movements and networks like NACDOR (National Confederation of Dalit Organizations) to mainstream voices of Dalit women and girls, addressing their safety, security and right to dignity. More than 50 Dalit women members of the PRI from all over India sit together to discuss challenges and successes in addressing violence, discrimination and access to basic needs related to water and sanitation. The main agenda focused on issues related to women’s access to WASH (Water, Safety and Hygiene) and especially on the violence and discrimination Dalit women face to access water and sanitation. As untouchability still remains a burning issue in India, Schedule castes (SC) still face discrimination to get education, health and other services. Barriers accessing water and sanitation are intrinsically related to the notions of “pollution and privileges”, prejudice that heavily hits Dalit communities. At the end of the consultation, the PRI members had the possibility to share their experiences as well as the recommendations gathered during the event with the Shri Baishnab Parida, Member of Parliament.

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