Jharkhand State Level Consultation.

Jharkhand State Level Consultation

As part of the project titled “Empowering Girls by Addressing Child Marriage” a State Level Consultations was organized by Chetna Vikas and WPC at BNR Chanyakya, Ranchi, Jharkhand on 9th January, 2013. The main objective of these consultations was to come out with a state level strategy to address the issue of  child marriage with short and long term goals, to present the baseline survey result and to advocate the required actions with the concerned Government Departments, Ministries and elected representatives to the state assemblies, district collectors, and media to initiate the process of forming State level alliance of the various organizations working on  child rights and child related issues for advocating towards making child  marriage an integral part of all policy advocacy on children and adolescents. The meetings had participation of about 80 people from government – WCD, Social Welfare Department, SCPCR, State Commission for Women and Child Rights and representatives from CSOs, NGOs, INGOs and UN agencies.

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