Jharkhand state level advocacy consultation.

Jharkhand state level advocacy consultation

Jharkhand state level advocacy consultation was organized jointly by Jharkhand Partners, Chetna Vikas and Badlao Foundation on 27th December, 2013 at Vikas Bharati campus Ranchi.  Mrs. Ranjana Kumari, SCPCR member of Jharkhand was invited for the meeting as a special guest. The other invited participants were different stakeholders like- school teacher, students, Anganwadi worker, NGOs, officials from Department of Social Welfare and Media.  The objective of this meeting was to come out with a state level strategy to address the issue of child marriage with short and long term goals and to initiate the process of forming a state level alliance of various organizations working on child related issues for advocating on making child marriage an integral part of all policy advocacy on children and adolescents. With that note it will be an opportunity to discuss on the status of Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 in Jharkhand. It will be a good scope to discuss on the current situation of child marriage in grass root level also.

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