An enabling environment for migration: Approaches and Perspective.

An enabling environment for migration: Approaches and Perspective

Consultation on ‘An enabling environment for migration: Approaches and Perspective’; WPC organized half day consultation on “An enabling environment for migration: Approaches and Perspective” followed by the Advisory Committee Meeting on Tuesday, 4th February 2014 at Willow Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The consultation identified practical approaches in promoting an enabling environment for migration. Given the gaps both at the policy and implementation levels, the discussion was on the strategies that can be adopted to address issues related to identity, social security and safety of migrant populations. The broad agenda of this Consultative meeting was to link the issues, concerns and vulnerabilities faced by migrant workers viz a viz  ID cards issues, harassment, safety and security etc., existing good practices, and legal framework in the country discussed during the previous consultation SAP-CARE EMPHASIS on 11th December 2013 at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The participants for the consultation included Member of Parliament, representatives from government ministries, academia, CSOs, representatives from UN bodies, and other relevant stakeholders. The consultation also shared the recommendations that emerged from the Parliamentarians Meet from the last consultation with the relevant stakeholders to get their perspectives and practical approaches on creating an enabling and favorable environment for migrant workers and way forward to form concrete action points for effective advocacy.

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