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Release of the Resource Directory “Support Structures and Services for Women Survivors of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence in Delhi”: 8th October 2016


Providing information and contact details of support structures and services for women survivors has become an area in which WomenPowerConnect (WPC) is gaining expertise.  WPC, as part of the Population Services International (PSI) supported “Project Wajood”, has focused on mapping the support services available for the victims of Domestic Violence as well as effectively addressing the issue of sexual harassment at workplace through workshops with the corporate organizations of Delhi/ NCR.  We successfully released a Resource Directory with contact details of support services for survivors of DV/IPV in Delhi – NCR in October 2016.

In addition, WPC has received support from The Asia Foundation to formulate a Resource Directory with information and contact details of support services for survivors of human trafficking.   Drafting a Resource Directory is not a simple reproduction numbers and addresses, but a meticulous verification process, which ensures the contact details are correct and the services are in place.  WPC held three Focus Groups Discussions (FGDs) in Meham (Haryana), Bahriach (Uttar Pradesh) and Delhi to identify gaps in service delivery and suggestions for moving forward in order to prevent human trafficking.  All FGDs were held with support from WPC members.

WPC, with support from the Friedrich Etbert Stiftung (FES), has organised “genderlogues” (dialogues on gender) in various colleges across Delhi.  Our next genderlogue is planned in Bharati college (Delhi) with focus on the mental health aspects of domestic violence.  We hope to develop stronger relationships with colleges across India in the coming year and would seek support from our members in developing these links.

On March 8th 2017 (International Women’s Day), WPC held a panel discussion with corporates, ICC members, NGOs and students on speaking up against sexual harassment at the workplace.  The event was preceded by an advisory group meeting focusing on providing feedback on the trainings we provided for corporates and suggestions for moving forward.




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