Key Activities.

Lobbying & Advocacy

WPC is the first and largest national level women’s lobbying organization in India. We recognize lobbying as a critical component of the democratic process. Because the essence of representative government is that policy-makers are, in fact, representing the needs of their constituencies when they pass laws, WPC works to ensure that this indeed is the case to address women issues as well.

As a lobbying body, WPC advocates for the inclusion of gender mainstreaming practices and gender responsive budgeting in all sectors. Towards this end, WPC drafts and presents charters of demands and recommendations for government officials and agencies. In the same way, WPC also works to ensure that administrative and financial support is provided for the proper implementation of women friendly policies, legislation and programmes. At the national level, lobbying efforts are focused specifically on the enactment of women friendly laws like the Women’s Reservation Bill, the Protection of Women against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Bill and the Bill on workers in the Unorganized Sector. Through lobbying tools such as one-on-one meetings, letters, research, consultative meetings, and capacity building through lobby training, WPC voices the needs, concerns and interests of women in India.

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