Vision & Objectives.


A world where women realize their full potential to live with dignity and freedom of choice.


  1. To be a National level representative body for building a sustaining community of vibrant members
  2. To facilitate formulation and implementation of policies that are equitable, accountable and effective in enabling the realization in women’s rights
  3. To act as a resource hub that uses and shares/disseminates information
    and data for engendering policies
  4. To collaborate with diverse stakeholders for securing women’s rights


  • To create an alliance of women’s organizations, NGOs and individuals working with special focus on women and the girl child.
  • To influence legislation with a view to enhancing constitutional rights of women and the girl child.
  • To initiate a dialogue at the regional, state national and international levels to voice concerns and needs of the people it represents.
  • To promote and support legislation/s or proposed amendments to empower women.
  • To observe, monitor, and analyze policies, legislation and budgets with the aim of gender mainstreaming.

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