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No earnest or committed organization would be able to effectively carry out activities without the embedded inclusion of research. With the aim of accurately informing government officials and agencies, research is imperative to WPC’s work. Research is employed in nearly every aspect of WPC’s operations.

Upon the passage of a gender or women related bill by the Indian government, WPC evaluates its efficacy and recommends proper implementation. When advocating with the government officials and agencies on women’s issues, it is essential for WPC to research intensely beforehand in order to provide accurate and persuasive information and policy briefs. When producing publications for the public at large and other NGOs, WPC commits to presenting a complete and accurate portrait of the issue at hand; a task that cannot be completed in the absence of thorough research. It is WPC’s hope that these publications can be viewed and used as credible sources for other organizations and individuals.

Lastly, extensive research precedes all major project or program proposals. Research is a critical step in the planning process of any new programme to ensure that in design, the programme efficiently allocates time and resources.

Documentation is an important area for WPC. The organization comes up with a quarterly newsletter reporting the women issues and the work done in the period and an annual report, which is a comprehensive report on the activities undertaken in the preceding year.

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