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WPC places great value in the strength and power of good networking. WPC’s influence has continued to grow because of the recognition of its reputation among State and Central legislators, bureaucrats, government departments, international agencies and the media. Together with its members and its reach out through them, WPC has established an influential presence across all of India.

The power of networking composes the very core of WPC’s mission. WPC aims to create an alliance of women’s organizations, non-governmental organizations, professional, academic institutions, media and individuals to create a professional force strong enough for the effective advocacy with the Members of Parliament/State Assemblies and Central & State governments on women’s issues.

WPC’s network is enriched and deepened through the generous contributions of funders and strong commitment of organizational partners.

These connections help to define WPC and greatly serve both organizations. Not only do WPC’s funders and partners provide resources, but also they further illuminate WPC’s credibility on the global development stage. Only through the connections between WPC and every one of its network’s members has WPC been able to reach out to the grassroots level and create a link to influence national level policy decisions.

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