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If you believe in a gender just society and want to raise your voice against injustice inflicted upon women, then become a member!

  • WPC is the national representative body that will translate your main concerns on women’s issues at the local level into the policy outcomes at the national level.
  • WPC provides its members with information on women’s issues, and useful resources for organizations vested in women’s empowerment.
  • Members are immediately connected to the wide WPC network gives connects you to other organizations working towards a similar goal.
  • Membership will give you the opportunity to learn and share your expertise with different stakeholders working on women’s issues.
  • Members have the opportunity to advertise their activities in WPC’s quarterly newsletter.
  • Your membership will strengthen the alliance of women.

Individual Fee

Grassroots Individual Annual Fee Rs. 50/-
Individual Annual Fee Rs. 200/-
Individual Lifetime Fee Rs. 5,000/-

Organizational Fee

Grassroots Organization Annual Fee Rs. 250/-
State Level Organization Annual Fee Rs. 500/-
National Level Organization Annual Fee Rs. 1,000/-
Organizational Lifetime Fee Rs. 10,000/-

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