Please feel free to contact us should you need a copy of any of our Publications (Annual Reports & Newsletters) listed below.


Lobby Training Manual, 2008. Supported by USAID and IFES

Good practices in Gender Mainstreaming: Cases from India, 2008 supported by Ministry of Women and Child Development (GoI) and UNDP

Fourth Annual Convention Report on Women Empowerment: Achievements and Gaps, 2009. Supported by UNFPA, Oxfam, IFES and USAID

A Multi-hued Experience and a Zig-zag Journey on the Quest for Gender Equality: Waves of Sensitization and Tiny Drops of Change, Warp and Weave of Lessons Learnt and Experiences Gained in the UNFPA supported WPC Project on Addressing Sex Selection, 2012; this publication is a documentation of the project supported by UNFPA India

Support to community mobilization and a people driven response in Preventing Sex Selection and Arresting Child Sex Ratio Decline: Process documentation of the project, 2012; this publication is a documentation of the project supported by UNFPA India

Booklets on ‘Women’s Inheritance Rights’ and ‘Women & Land Rights’ – Information for NGOs, 2012, Supported by Oxfam India

Celebrating Women who grow and gather our food, Sprigs of Hope: Stories of Thirteen Lives, 2013, this case study documentation is dedicated to all those women who have struggled over the years to get access to and control over land, housing, and property. They have been role models to show how women can take charge of their lives and empower the community. Supported by Oxfam India

Inclusive development of women in election manifestos for Political Parties India General Elections 2014, 2013,November with support from Center for Social Research



Annual Report 2011-2012

Annual Report 2007-2008

Annual Report 2009-2010

Annual Report 2008-2009

WPC Annual Report With Cover 2006-07

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Convention Report 2007

Convention report part 1

Convention Report part 2

Convention report part 3

National Consultation 2011

Annual Report ( 2014-2015 )


Newsletter June – August 2012

Newsletter January – May 2012

News Letter 08

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Newsletter 2009

WPC October Newsletter

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